The Most Relaxing Dental Practice in Britain?

Arundel Town

If you’re looking for a quaint, charming and quiet town to settle down in; Arundel has to be the perfect town for you. According to The Telegraph, Arundel has been labelled the “the most mindful destination in Europe“. They also go on to claim that mindfulness is (according to Sarah Knapton) “the practice of paying more attention to the present moment”. Which has proven to lower stress hormones and decrease inflammation in the body.

Arundel Dental Care and Implant Clinic

Needless to say, the picture of Arundel that is painted depicts a venerable demographic. A perfect place for any relaxing dental practice.  This may be why a very specialised and luxurious dental implant clinic is located right in the heart of the town. Arundel Dental Care and Implant Clinic specialise in offering professionally fitted implants by surgeons with years of experience. These surgeons are also very well known in the industry having published several national and international publications. Arundel Dental Care and Implant Clinic also offer numerous other dental treatments as well as being a friendly family dentist. Arundel Dental Care and Implant Clinic is a perfect practice to go to if you find yourself a nervous dental patient! Both the town of Arundel combined with the very cosy practice makes the entire experience somewhat enjoyable from arriving to leaving. If you live outside of Arundel, you will also find that the drive into the town to be somewhat relaxing!

Arundel Castle

Among the charming pubs, antiques emporium and spa, Arundel is best known for Arundel Castle.  Set to reopen in March 2018, the castle will accommodate a restaurant, coffee shop and gift shop. When visiting the castle it will become apparent, that the castle and gardens are very well looked after. This is because in 1900 A.D  a restoration project was undertaken to replenish the structure. When the restoration was complete it was one of the first English Country houses to be fitted with electric light, integral firefighting equipment, service lifts and central heating.


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