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Remarkable Smiles are a team like no other, they believe your smile is of utmost importance, but so are your wants, needs and expectations in addition to your general health. The dentist in Derby prides themselves in going the extra smile for their patients and proud of their care in the community focus.

Not only do they care about their patients’ health, but the wider community and the effects on the environment. They are dedicated to being an eco-friendly practice; recycling everything they can, switching off lights when not needed and changing electricity and gas supplier to renewable energy. The dentist in Alvaston are committed to helping the local community, working with lots of charities and support agencies to give back what they can.


The virtually invisible method of straightening teeth is a solution for overcrowding, gaps and misalignment. Invisalign in Derby is the way to achieve the smile you want, as it’s straightforward and discreet, with no need for traditional braces. The increasingly popular method with adults will fit seamlessly in your day-to-day life. Invisalign uses clear aligners, which are removable so that you can eat and drink whatever you want and brush your teeth as usual. The clear aligners are comfortable and have no metal wires which can irritate skin and gums. Invisalign in Alvaston gradually moves your teeth into new, straighter positions and completes within 6-18 months.

Your teeth are firstly examined during your initial consultation to ensure that this is the best treatment for you. This will include taking photographs, scans and create a bespoke treatment plan. Your custom-made aligners will then be fitted by the specialist, and you will wear each aligner every day (for up to 22 hours) for 2-3 weeks to move your teeth. You will have regular follow-up consultations with the specialist to provide support and ensure everything is going as planned. Upon completion, you will receive a final retainer to maintain your new smile which will need to be worn whilst you sleep.

Smile Makeover/Composite Bonding

Beautifully restored teeth in a simple, single visit is now a dream that can be achieved. Composite bonding in Derby is a quick treatment performed in a single visit to the practice which can effectively re-shape your teeth and improve their colour and appearance. Composite can perfectly mimic tooth enamel and is colour-matched to each individual patient for a truly aesthetic appearance.

Unlike other restorative and cosmetic treatments, this type of smile makeover in Alvaston doesn’t require any of your natural tooth structure to be removed to make space for the procedure. A high-quality dental resin is bonded directly to your tooth by the skilled restorative dentists, who make the teeth look as good as new once the treatment is completed.

The first step for composite bonding in Alvaston is preparing the tooth with a special acidic gel, creating a rough surface for the composite to bond to effectively. The composite is then applied in layers, gradually building up the desired shape. No anaesthetic or drilling is required, and the treatment is completely pain-free. The tooth is then given a very high-grade polish and shine so that the composite looks like a natural tooth. When your smile makeover in Derby is complete, you will then need to carry out an excellent oral hygiene routine at home to maintain your smile. This type of procedure is often used as the final stage of Invisalign and for damaged or discoloured teeth.

If you are interested in giving yourself a smile makeover or are just generally unhappy with the way your teeth look, contact the team today to book an appointment or to ask further questions.


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