Replace missing teeth with dental implants

The loss of one or more teeth can have a big impact on someone’s’ life and oral health and it can make a person feel very self-conscious.

Nowadays, there are several long-lasting solutions available to replace missing teeth, such as dental bridges or dentures. However, one of the most popular solutions is dental implants.

A titanium screw is used to replace the root of the tooth. The screw is placed into the jawbone, usually using a local anaesthetic. As you heal, your implant will fuse together with your jawbone. This process can take a few months. This fusion forms a very strong and long-lasting base to place your new crown, which will replace your missing tooth.

Here are some benefits of dental implants:

– They look and feel like natural teeth.
– Dental implants don’t affect other teeth.
– Can clean them like natural teeth.
– It won’t change your speech.
– You can eat whatever you like as dental implants act as normal teeth.

However, the negative part is that it requires surgery and it may take longer than other treatments due to the healing time. Also, it is more expensive than dentures.

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