Pregnant? Congrats! Now don’t forget your oral health!

Among the many exciting times you face during pregnancy, don’t forget to take your health into account as well. Your teeth and gums need special attention during pregnancy. Maintain good oral hygiene through regular brushing and flossing, and by limiting sugary and acidic foods and drinks.

Regular Appointments

Not only are professional cleanings safe during pregnancy, they’re highly recommended. Being pregnant puts you at higher risk for tooth decay, gum disease and oral growths called “pregnancy tumors.” These conditions are treatable, so make an appointment with your dentist.

Regular periodontal (gum) exams are very important because pregnancy causes hormonal changes that out you at increased risk for periodontal disease and for tender gums that bleed easily – a condition called pregnancy gingivitis. Pay particular attention to any changes in your gums during pregnancy. If tenderness, bleeding or gum swelling occurs at any time during your pregnancy, talk with your dentist or periodontist as soon as possible.


Many women report unusual food cravings at some point during their pregnancy. Most cravings won’t affect your overall health-but if you find yourself attracted to sugary snacks that you used to avoid, your teeth may face serious consequences. To give in to your craving without sacrificing your oral health, opt for healthy foods that also give you a jolt of sweetness.

Morning Sickness

Morning sickness is a part of pregnancy for many women. It also brings up concerns about oral health and pregnancy, as the acid from your stomach can be strong enough to contribute to tooth erosion. Although you may be tempted to brush your teeth immediately after a bout of morning sickness, the best thing you can do to protect your enamel is swish with baking soda and water afterward.


As well as visiting the dentist during pregnancy, It’s advisable to go for a full check-up to take care of your dental health once your baby is born.

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